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Hi Tribe!  We're excited about this post - COCONUT OIL...  Oooh-la-la, baby!🌴😙  This stuff is the bomb dot diggity com.  We love to use it on the daily!  Eat it, rub it on your skin, shave, give your hair some extra lovins, etc!  The uses are endless just like the benefits!  PLUS, you'll smell like a walking fresh-baked-cookie!🍪  SCORE!!!🙌


  1. Hair conditioner.  Leave in your hair (15 minutes to several hours) for some extra moisture, conditioning and shine!💁🏻💁🏽‍♂️  Your hair will thank you and the guys/gals will chase you!  (Lightly shampoo to rinse out afterwards!)
  2. Smooth shaving.  I personally don't use anything else!  For reals.  Grab a bottle, dig those fingers in there and shave away.  If your skin is sensitive like mine, it'll be praising the soothing heavens.☺️🌈  (Use hot enough water to rinse the razor!)
  3. In the shower moisturizer.  Before you get out of the shower, rub some coconut oil all over your skin, lightly rinse and then pat dry.  Bye bye, lotion!👋
  4. Post shower moisturizer.  Expect to be kind of wet looking for awhile as it soaks in.💦😏 (Don't put on nice clothes right after!  Comfy loose stuff will be best!)
  5. Sunburned, irritated or sensitive skin?  Coconut oil to the rescue!  Soothing, non-irritating, hydrating and a tall glass of "YES" for your face and skin!  (Make sure to say that for the full effect!😆)
  6. Hello, good fats!  Who doesn't want to eat good fats?!  More than 50% of the fat in coconut oil is lauric acid.  And here's a fun fact for ya - it's the richest in lauric acid after breastmilk!👏💙
  7. Use it as a cooking oil!  Forget the sprays, grab a spoon and drop some on the pan!🥄  It's great for non-sticking, adds extra nutrition and gives food a great flavor!
  8. Perfect way to replace butter for all of our vegan or dairy-free friends!🌿🤗
  9. Feeling brain dead?  Been there!  Coconut oil is known to assist in helping you focus, have mental clarity and get stuff done!👍
  10. Balance those hormones!  No one likes imbalanced hormones - yikes!🙄  Coconut oil helps your body naturally produce the necessary hormones your need to be balanced and feeling your best!💥

*TIP: Buy non-refined coconut oil.  Organic cold-pressed if possible for best benefits.*🌟

Happy coconut oil-'ing'!🤓

*This post is sponsored by coconuts.*