Stefan works as a Content Outreach Manager for First Beat Media.  In his own free time, he likes toying with music production and exploring new technology.

Stefan works as a Content Outreach Manager for First Beat Media.  In his own free time, he likes toying with music production and exploring new technology.

It’s getting harder and harder to be hip and trendy nowadays, but there is an unlikely group of people who are setting dating and all sorts of other trends so effortlessly that there is nothing left for the rest of us but to follow blindly.  Yes, we're talking about nerds who can even take senior singles dating and turn it into the next big thing in the dating world.  Below, I present the top four first date ideas that everyone will absolutely love, and hope to inspire countless original ways to impress the person sitting across the table from you for the first time.

1. Bike Ride Through the City

A bike ride through the city that ends with a casual dinner by the beach is a great first date idea because it offers you the opportunity to relax as you ride along, while still maintaining close contact at dinner as the highlight of the evening.  Mind you, dressing for the dinner and not the bike ride should definitely be your goal as a pair of Nike trousers just wouldn't do.  Not opting for sportswear and going with casual clothing will make you feel like you're on a real date, instead of working out with a buddy, and swapping a boring movie for an urban bike ride will show you’re trendy, outgoing, and care about the environment!

2. Café in a Gentrified Neighborhood

Gentrified neighborhoods are popping up in every city like mushrooms, taking old, abandoned buildings, and turning them into funky office space for the creative, and a great place to hang out for the thirsty and hungry.  What’s particularly awesome about taking your date to a gentrified area is that they keep changing all the time, so chances are you’ll get to try out a completely different hot spot that wasn’t on anyone’s radar just a week or two ago, but is about to become the talk of the town.

3. Beer Tasting

Wine tasting is so mainstream, but beer tasting is hip, cheap and increasingly popular, so you won’t have to spend countless hours looking for an up-to-the-minute bar for your first date.  Dates usually involve alcohol, and when you're out drinking it's a touch easier to keep track of the number of shots you've had than when your mission is to taste as many beers as possible, and find the best one.  Keep this is mind so you don't end up stumbling out of the bar drunk and disoriented because that is just not cool behavior.  Take a sip or two of every beer you taste, and make sure the bar serves good food as well, in case your date wants to go all out with the beer.

4. Escape Room

The one thing about escape room you need to keep in mind is that if you really want to impress your date, you better ask around for the clues on how to get out!  Mind you, if you find out how you can come out of your escape room victorious, don't show your cards too fast because you'll take away all the fun from it.  Act as if you have to work just as hard as everyone else to figure it all out, and your date will think you're incredibly smart, which is a big plus.  On the other hand, if you’d rather be honest about your intellectual and puzzle-solving abilities, you'd be picking the more noble option, but you'd be running the risk of not making it out!


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