I’m beautiful because I have a good heart.  It has taken me almost thirty years to believe that.
— Sarah Humphries

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?  I see a woman that is overweight, but you know what else?  I see a woman that although struggles with being overweight, has overcome a lot of obstacles in life.  I’m beautiful because I have a good heart.  It has taken me almost thirty years to believe that.  I also see a woman that has beautiful green eyes and a bright smile that lights up a room.
With the pressures that men and women alike feel from the media, especially social media, it is hard to feel beautiful when sometimes all you see are flaws.  You walk by a magazine in the checkout at the store, and see a beautiful model with a “perfect” body.  She has it all.  The perfect stomach with abs, toned arms and legs, a great smile, and an awesome hairdo that your hair would just never pull off.  Is this really what perfection is?  Social media and society have us believing this, but I would like to challenge that.
We all have flaws, this is true.  Even that “perfect” model you see has things that he/she wants to change, just like you.  We are all fighting this battle together, believe it or not.  There has to be something we can do to change how we view ourselves.  I found some tips that have helped me with my self-image.  Even if you only try one of two of them, you owe it to yourself to put forth an effort to love yourself for who you are!

  1. Appreciate everything your body is capable of. Our bodies are amazing things when you really think about it. They help us achieve our dreams by being a vessel our soul can utilize to fulfill whatever our heart desires. Whether it be running a marathon, painting, hiking, etc. Celebrate yourself by laughing, dancing, and dreaming.

  2. Make a list of things you like about yourself. These should be things that aren’t related to your physical appearance! You’re a great dancer, an awesome mom, a fabulous friend, etc. Refer to this list often to remind yourself how great you are!

  3. Surround yourself with positive people. I can’t stress this enough! Having positive people around you can make all the difference in how you view yourself and view life. Negativity breeds and affects all areas of your life. I will say it again, surround yourself with positive people!!

  4. Make your clothes work for you. If you are always wearing uncomfortable clothes that don’t fit you properly, you aren’t going to feel your best! Wear clothes that are comfortable, and make you feel good about yourself and your body. Don’t work against your body, work with it!

  5. Do something kind…for yourself! Take the time to pamper yourself, and show your body that you care about it. If you treat your body like a trash can, you’re going to feel like it’s a trash can. Do some yoga, take a nap, relax in a bubble bath…you get the idea!

  6. Do something kind…for others! One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to serve others. Making a positive change in the world is a life changing experience. Get out there and help others!

Pick one of these tips to start out with, and I promise, you’ll start to notice a difference in your mindset when it comes to your self-image.  Eventually you can move to do more and more of them until you are doing all of them!  You owe yourself the time and dedication it takes to be a happier, more self-loving person!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!  If you don’t believe that now, I can guarantee you will if you put in the work!  I’d be interested to know in six months how the question I asked you in the beginning has changed from now.  When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Source: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/learn/general-information/ten-steps



I’m an executive assistant for a local county law enforcement agency.  I’m single, and while I love being single, I do have dreams of being a wife and mom someday!  I fully believe in always working to grow and improve yourself.  Although, sometimes I struggle just like everyone else!  One of my favorite things to do is go hiking.  There is no peace on earth like hiking, nor is there a more humbling experience for me.

favorite quote:

The most dangerous phrase in language is, “we’ve always done it this way.”
— Real Admiral Grace Hopper


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