Each choice starts with a behavior that over time becomes a habit.
— Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect

Have you ever sat there and thought to yourself, "that goal is impossible?"  Whether it be writing a book, saving up money to travel abroad, learning a new language, or exercising every day, we're here to remind you: it IS possible!

It's easy to lose sight of our goals when we get caught up in routine.  Long school or work days can drain our energy, meaning any free time we get is spent recovering and recuperating for the next day.  The slogan, "I'll get to it tomorrow," becomes something that you'll get to next week, then next month, and before you know it, years have passed without accomplishing what you really want to do.  Resentment and discouragement build, but the only person you have to blame is yourself.

If you're guilty of procrastinating your goals, please don't fret.  It's never too late to start! This post today is to remind you to start today.  Start now!

There's sound advice to the phrase, "consistency is key."  Success does not happen overnight, so you shouldn't expect to wake up one morning with a million dollars in your bank account for the trip of your dreams.  While that would be nice, where is the fun in that anyway? Part of enjoying our success is the journey we take to get there. The people we meet. The experiences that help us grow as we invest in ourselves.  With a little bit of hard work and consistency, small choices daily can lead to big results in the future.

For example, if mastering a new language is something you've always wanted to do, but the thought of it seems daunting--start small, like learning a new word every day.  There are countless apps and programs out there that make this very easy. No matter how busy your day is, you can pop in a language CD on your way to work or take 5 to 10 minutes to open a language learning app and start studying.  You may even consider enrolling in a local or online language course. You likely won't see big results right away, but give it time. After months of being consistent, you'll begin to notice a change. New, better habits will form. Keep track of your goals so you can visually see the progress you're making.  Reward yourself when you hit milestones, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Even small progress is better than none. In fact, it's better than when you started!

The same message of learning a new language applies to whatever goals you hope to achieve.  Writing a novel but can't find the time? Make time! Even if it's 30 minutes a day, you'll finish that book eventually.  Wanting to fit more exercise in your weekly routine? You don't need a fancy gym membership to do that. Set aside 15 to 20 minutes for a daily walk or stretching, which can easily be done at or around your home.  Find yourself mindlessly browsing social media for hours on end? Binge watching your favorite shows all weekend? Well, time to remove any distractions hindering your goal. It will take discipline, focus, and hard work, but the payoff will be worth it!  We promise!

The key here is to never give up!  Be patient in the pursuit of your goals.  Little by little, these small steps will soon develop good habits--habits that will lead you to success.  If you want something bad enough, you WILL achieve it. We believe in you, tribers! Now get out there and make it happen!   

Source: Hardy, Darren.  (2010). The Compound Effect.  New York, NY: Vanguard Press.