Bodyweight training is a great addition to any workout routine, and perfect for those just beginning their fitness journey.  The best part about it? No equipment required! All you need is your body, a water bottle, and the desire to work hard.

Bodyweight workouts can be customized to any skill level.  Are you a novice to the fitness scene? Take it slow and use modifications until you’ve perfected the moves, then gradually add speed and/or difficulty as you feel comfortable.  Is a recent injury limiting your mobility? Modify moves while still breaking a sweat. Feeling like you need to push the intensity? Speed things up, make it plyo, add weights (if you have them) and/or a balance element to the routine.  The options are endless!

Here at SRT, we love the flexibility of bodyweight workouts.  Some days are just so busy for us, making it to the gym proves to be a challenge.  But guess what? We don’t need to stress about the gym, because we can easily fit in a workout when it works for us--even if we’re on a business trip or vacation!  Bodyweight exercises can seriously be performed anywhere, anytime, for any duration, making it one of the easiest ways to stay active.

Not only do these exercises assist in our overall fitness journey, they also provide many health benefits as well.  They enhance strength and endurance, while simultaneously promoting cognitive development, lowering stress levels, and helping us sleep better.  Honestly, what’s not to love about them?

Because we enjoy bodyweight exercises so much, we’ve included one right here for you, targeting all parts of the body.  (Please keep in mind, we are not experts, but do love sharing what we know about fitness.)  Customize it to your skill level with our recommendations above. Make sure to include a proper warm up and cool down/stretch, and check out the link below if you need visuals for each exercise.  Add this workout to your next fitness routine and reap the benefits!


Do each exercise for 45 seconds, with a 15 second rest period in between.  Repeat circuit 2 times (or more if you want!) before moving onto the next circuit.  Don’t forget to add in your own warm-up and cool down!

Leg Circuit (8 minutes)

  • Squats

  • Walking Lunges

  • Alternating Single Leg Deadlift

  • Calf Raises

Cardio Circuit (4 minutes)

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Mountain Climber

1 Minute Rest

Upper Body Circuit (6 minutes)

  • Push-Ups

  • Tricep Dip

  • Arm Circles

Cardio Circuit (4 minutes)

  • Burpee

  • High Knees

1 Minute Rest

Core Circuit (6 minutes) 

  • Bicycle

  • Flutter Kicks

  • Plank Hold

Sources: Workout adapted from Greatist.  “50 Exercises for a Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere.”, “The Power of a Body-Weight Circuit.”  Shape July/August 2019: 50-51. Print.